SmackJeeves Mirror properly active again by Kyulein
18 Apr 2017
For the longest time now I didn't quite know what I should do with the SmackJeeves mirror after moving the comic to it's own home.

I put more effort in sustaining the mirror on tapastic, a platform I barely liked to begin with. And with their recent re-focusing on the money-shoveling content they gave me the push to properly revive this mirror again. Because if I'm honest I loved SmackJeeves, it was a good home to the comic from the start by giving me the chance to design it to my purposes and not forcing a vertical reading of the pages on me (and you for that matter). Sometimes you forget how great home is, when you're constantly there. :)

The design has finally been updated to match the main website and both the archive and the old pages have been updated. Plus I activated the comment function again, not disqus this time, because I'd simply forget about checking the other tab. Instead we're going with the native SmackJeeves comments.

I'll also bump these old "moved" news down a little with this, because now that this mirror will be a more regular thing again it's basically yesterday's snow (as we Germans like to put it, just so you know: it means it's old news and not exciting anymore).