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22 Apr 2015
Namide finally cracked the shell and is getting so very close to the truth behind him!
Next week's page will mark the last page of the chapter and then I'll have a surprise for you! But more on that next week.

For now, I think it's time to properly advertise the Patreon. I figured I should tell you a bit more, since I haven't exactly said much about it.
I'm pretty sure that Patreon is a widely known concept by now. You have the possibility to support me in creating this comic with a small (or large) monthly donation and in return you'll get rewards depending on your pledge level. You can adjust your pledge level whenever you want, too.
So much for the general Patreon concept.

Let's get a bit more specific with the "Soul's Journey"-Patreon.
Of course you'll be able to feel wonderful for supporting a creator and her project, help her turnung it an even better experience for everybody and get access rewards.

A 4$ pledge gives you access to the full colour pages a week early and to monthly private livestreams.

For 8$ you'll additionally get a look at concept sketches, works in progress and word building extras and access to timelapse videos of upcoming pages and illustrations. (With chapter 2 coming up there's lots of behind the scenes material to show!)

Every backer, no matter how little or much is pledged, will get a wallpaper right away in the "Thank you"-message. (To see a preview of that wallpaper just have a look at the picture on the Patreon page.)

I can only ecourage you to have a look at it :) Just follow the button below:
16 Sep 2019
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