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10 Jun 2015
Before we start with anything else here, let me tell you about this wonderful course over at Oatley Academy. I was listening to the PaperWings Podcast for a while already, which focused on personal projects, now they opened public enrollment for an entire course about it. I was one of the early people who joined before it went live. I'm two lessons in and my mind is already blown about it.
If you ever wanted to make your own personal project in visual storytelling, sign up now!
(There is a free event for that will help you decide in favour for OALive haha)

Pages will be on a few hours earlier from today on. I'll be off to work in about half an hour and wouldn't be able to submit anything till like 10 hours later haha

On another note, we're closing in on the end of the intermission, just two more pages before we start with chapter 2! I'm so excited for this chapter.

I submitted a new vote incentive and it should show up in about 2 hours. Timezones are a difficult thing to work with. But it contains a few shading studies I did the other day at the OA Live inofficial comic hangout. Zoe Castillo of Dreamfall/Dreamfall Chapters was my victim for those.

And you can find the next page at the Patreon already!
18 Jul 2019
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