Countdown to the Journey! by Kyulein
28 Dec 2014
New Year is drawing closer and closer, with that comes the launch of "Soul's Journey".
So for the next few days, essentially the last days of this year, I'll reveal a few captions from the first chapter (also to show you that I'm actually WORKING on this). Each day another toe will fill and show you some of the work.

December 28th
A wild Anrak appeared! Battle - PKMN - Pack - Run, what will you do?

December 29th
Another Anrak appears! There's got to be a nest somewhere around!

December 30th
Yay for another toe! This time showing Namide!

December 31st
The of the comic is comic really close and the countdown picture is completed! The next notice regarding the comic will be it's launch, going live, kick-off or however else you want to call it!