Changes in update schedule by Kyulein
01 Jul 2015
New news post! Though it doesn’t deliver good news I fear.

For a while now I noticed my eyes getting worse, reading license plates while driving could become a challenge at times. I thought I just needed new glasses as the last test was two years ago. So I had them checked.
Turns out my eyes didn’t get worse, just my sight was. My eyes are stressed by too much screen staring it seems. Now it makes sense, as I’m looking at a screen 8 hours a day at work and work on essays for university and comic pages afterward. I can totally understand my eyes there. In order to relieve them from said stress I already started countermeasures. Since I can’t reduce screen time at work (not for the next few weeks anyway) and have to get the essays for university done, there’s only one area where I can get more resting time for my eyes. The comic pages.
I don’t want to go on hiatus, but I’ll only update the comic with one page every two weeks. I don’t know for how long I’ll have to cut shorter on this, it really depends on how fast my eyes will recover and even then I don’t want to go at full speed immediately.

The good news is, though, that I can still work traditionally. I don’t want to leave you with updates only every two weeks, so I thought about filling the weeks in between with “ask the characters and/or the author” doodles done with markers. That way I’ll reduce screen time but could still deliver something to you :).

You can write down the questions in the comments or send me an e-mail to

Thanks for understanding :) I'll keep you posted about this issue as well as I can!