Moved! by Kyulein
10 Aug 2015
Things are changing for the comic. And for the better I dare say!
First of all the comic has its own domain now. It's
The main site will receive a proper layout in a week or two. Until then there's a placeholder set up.

But what does that mean for the comic? No more hosting on Smack Jeeves!
Don't get me wrong, I liked Smack Jeeves and I'll continue to navigate people here as I loved the simplicity of the site and the way you were able to customize it to your needs! But I'm planning ahead for the future and as the pages get more and more I wanted to make the change as fast as possible to keep the work to a minimum.
Now I've got my own host and use the Grawlix CMS. The disqus comments have been migrated and the ProjectWonderful ad box will follow soon.
I also teased the arrival of a new cast page a while back, well I haven't bothered to move the old one here, I'll update the new one once it's finished!

On other good news, the weekly updates start again this thursday!