Patreon? by Kyulein
26 Feb 2015
It's been nearly two months of updates now. And I'm glad to say that I really enjoy this comic so far! (And enjoy stalking all of you in Smack Jeeves' statistics as well as Google Analytics! It's so interesting to see where all those people come from!)

Now that the comic is sort of starting to take off I've been thinking about starting a Patreon campaign mid March. (Just too much else to take care of for the next two weeks and then I have to do some nice picture to back up the Patreon.)
My ideas for rewards so far include:
- see the full colour pages a week early
- enter the monthly backer raffle
- access to monthly livestreams
- look at concept sketches, works in progress and word building extras
- get a PDF copy of finished chapters in print quality

Now I know what it's like to have to keep finances tight, but just imagine what else you'd be interested in seeing in such a campaign. I want to fill the pool of rewards a little more, so they get more attractive. And this Patreon isn't just there to support me, but also give you something in return. I think this is a legit reason to ask for your opinion on the matter!
(Also I don't expect any miracles with the Patreon since there will be less than 20 pages when it launches, but I think it's worth a shot anyway.)

Thanks a lot in advance!